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Safety and Security at Longridge Country Estate

At Longridge Country Estate, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our residents with state-of-the-art technology designed for peace of mind and comfort.

Around-the-Clock Care:

Our residents enjoy continuous support with 24/7 nurse call systems installed. With call bells strategically placed in bathrooms and throughout the home, help is always within reach.

Advanced Fire Safety:

Our innovative hard wired smoke detection system is engineered to automatically power off kitchen appliances if a fire is detected, addressing a common risk, as 16% of residential fires originate in the kitchen. This system is directly connected to the local fire service, ensuring rapid response in an emergency.

Longridge Monitoring System.png

Motion Sensing Security:

For our at-risk residents, motion-sensing technology provides an added layer of security, monitoring movement and aiding in prompt assistance when needed. This system doubles as a reliable security alarm when residents are away from their villas.

Learn more about our commitment to safety and innovative care solutions at TechSol Aegis.

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