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Affordable Living at Longridge Country Estate

At Longridge Country Estate, we understand that managing living costs is crucial for our residents. That's why we've designed our community with affordability in mind.

Here’s how living at Longridge can offer you more for less:

Longridge Weekly Savings_edited.png

Low Weekly Fees:

Enjoy the benefits of living in a vibrant community without the high costs. Our competitive weekly fees mean you keep more of your money for the things you love.

Energy Efficient home.png

Energy-Efficient Homes:

Our homes are built to save you money. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, they help reduce your utility bills, making your retirement savings stretch further.

Longridge Low Maintenance Living_edited.

Maintenance-Free Living:

Forget about unexpected repair bills or garden upkeep. Maintenance is included, allowing you to spend your time enjoying life, not managing a property.

Embedded Power Network:

Unique to Longridge, our embedded power network allows us to buy electricity in bulk, passing these significant savings directly to our residents. 

By choosing Longridge, you're not just choosing a place to live; you’re choosing an affordable and rewarding way of life.

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