Everyone has their own idea of an
ideal life and retirement will look
different for each of us

We’ve thoughtfully designed Longridge to respect individuality and have ensured that there will be something for everyone. With engaging activities, serene country surroundings, fantastic local amenities and easy access to some of the country’s main attractions, it’s all on offer for you to pick and choose from, to create a lifestyle that works best for you.

Meet the team behind Longridge Country Estate

Tim Bartells

Owner of the Bartells Group, Tim brings over 30 years of property development experience to Longridge Country Estate.

His “big picture” thinking has been the driving force behind the concept, planning and design stages of the development and he is heavily involved in the architectural, engineering and project  management elements.

As the guy who often looks at something that already works well, then asks: “how can we make it better?”, Tim’s vision is to propel retirement village living into the future, using design and technology to support the three pillars of Comfort, Community and Care, and he is committed to ensuring that the highest standards are achieved and maintained.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny’s professional background in tourism, events, employment and community has brought a  people focused view to the team which has been invaluable. She has meticulously envisaged the day to day living of Longridge residents and added countless details to make life just that extra bit more pleasant, easy and inspiring for them. Studies show that activity, stimulation, a connection with nature and strong community ties are all vital for greater health and happiness in our later years and, as a passionate believer in the wellbeing of people and the planet, Jenny is instrumental in ensuring that Longridge Country Estate encompasses all of these values to provide the best possible living environment for our residents to thrive in for many years to come.

Eloise Du Toit (Village Manager)

Eloise says she feels very privileged to be the Village Manager at Longridge Country Estate. She has over 15 years’ experience working in Retirement Villages and really loves working in this industry. "The best thing about my job is, no two days are the same" she says. Eloise's passion is to make sure that all our residents are happy and well taken care of. "My motto is “no matter how big or small the task is, it may mean the world to someone else”. Her goal is to make Longridge the number one place to live and the number one place to work.

When Eloise is not at work she loves spending quality time with her family and exploring all that New Zealand has to offer. 

Call Eloise on 0277 795 796


The HPA Group is a professional retirement village developer and manager with a long history,
having successfully developed numerous high quality retirement villages throughout New Zealand.
They provide professional assistance in all aspects of retirement village development and we are
very proud to be working with them to bring you Longridge Country Estate, in Paeroa.


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